This paper is a part of “Comparative Analysis and Policy Proposals Aimed at Diversifying the Russian Economy and Enhancing Prosperity” project, supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Essentially, it largely determines the political economy of the society, which lives off resource rent. It’s rather that it, just like in the USSR itself, had been hindering the process of raising the energy efficiency of production. The next day, the mobilization plan for the production of ammunition was put into effect, and on June 24, at The Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union, the Council for Evacuation is created. 22 See, for instance, Charles Tilly and Mancur Olson, The Rise and Decline of Nations: Economic Growth, Stagflation and Social Rigidities (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1982). Many other oil-exporting nations suffered just as much, if not more than the Soviet Union. The principal price hike took place in January 1974: from $4.31 to $10.11 per barrel (see figure 2). . We will adhere to its initial interpretation, which is the reduction of long-term economic growth rates of a country along with the growth of certain indicators of its resource availability (the share of raw materials in exports, total raw material exports, or raw material extraction per capita). The freight turnover increased by one and a half times compared with the first quarter of 1942. In April 1942, the mobilization also touched the villagers. Development of USSR Oil and Gas Complex in 1960-1980s (Moscow: Nauka, 2002),192. This sharply reduced the inflow of foreign currency and made the Soviet Union export more oil. 101 National Economy of the USSR in 1989, 644. 44 Data on actual oil output from: Global, British Petroleum, “Statistical Review of World Energy 2006 (2007). The size of the share of each category of participants has important political-economic consequences. This page was last edited on 6 December 2020, at 10:28. That’s why the actual share of oil and gas rent is lower than the cited figures. In order to accelerate the commissioning of industry facilities. . The Dutch disease is called a disease because it implies that it’s hard for the economy to recover after a period of high oil prices since over this period the processing industry and agriculture lose their competitiveness due to reduced output volumes during a boom period (it learns by doing less than it could have if there was no boom). There is a conventional theoretical justification of subsidizing inefficient production if the stated cost of positive externalities from such subsidies (in the form of inside-company, inside-industry, or inter-industrial “learning-by-doing”) exceeds the losses from profits not received from the export of goods. 18 PlanEcon Report 4, nos.39-40 (October 1988), 2 (as cited by Gustafson,286). This city was part of a khanate that was annexed by the Russian Empire at the beginning of the century. If we take the actual production costs Ĉt = Ct + εt, where ε is the excess value of production, the corrected rent will be R = PtQt – Ĉt = PtQt – Ĉt – εt. This means that companies have easily available capital during periods of structural changes in the economy. These factors included some reserves, an immediate increase in working hours and a mobilization of civilian workers who were previously involved as defense subcontractors. This is why the current generation, maximizing its current wealth, borrows much more than it would if it cared about the well-being of future generations. What if Western Siberian oil was never found? The time of hand-dug wells had ended. Also, by the end of the 1960s, geologists came to the conclusion that the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in the northern Tyumen Region had huge, unprecedented natural gas deposits.41, It’s important to note that Western Siberian deposits were located in extremely harsh climatic conditions (although less extreme than Eastern Siberian ones, which Russia plans to explore in the medium term). The Influence of Natural Resources on Economic Development: a Brief Review of Theories and the Problems of Applying Them to the Case of the USSR, Discovering Oil From Azerbaijan to Western Siberia, Estimates of the Russian Economy’s Resource Rent in the Soviet Period, Energy Efficiency of the Soviet Economy as an Indicator of Weakening of Energy Preservation Incentives. In 1950, less than 1 percent of the total USSR energy resources production was exported; by 1960, this share rose to 8 percent, and by 1970 it increased to 14 percent. This resembles Giffen goods—goods for which the amount of demand rises along with the increase in their price. Most were driven by standard automotive engines. Even during the record-breaking year of 1987, oil output (at 625 million tons44) was way below estimates. The heavy dependence of energy-resource consumption on economic growth had disappeared due to the widespread use of energy preservation. Agriculture wouldn’t be able to boost the harvest output due to chronic problems that had accumulated over decades. Thus, rent can be divided into five categories: All these categories need to be taken into account during the calculation of rent. Interest and discount rates did not reflect the preferences of society (and only loosely reflected those of the country’s leaders) in regards to risks or the choice between the present and the future. In the second scenario of 2 percent annual growth of marginal production costs the rent does fall, but insignificantly. In one dog fight on 16th July 1944, 18 Yak-3s faced 24 German … However, we can assume that this explanation of the emergence of oil exports dependence is incomplete; it seems that there was a two-way dependence. Matthew J. Sagers estimates the cost of extracting an extra barrel in the mid-1980s at $15, while the world price of a barrel of oil stood at $14.14 According to other estimates, “It was only due to huge expenses that oil output somewhat increased in 1986. By the middle of 1944, prisoners worked at 640 industrial enterprises in the country. . As can be understood from their argument, by natural costs they mean the best result the USSR could have achieved under a certain technological and organizational level of its energy sector.70 Unfortunately, the authors analyze the distribution of oil and gas rent by the five above-mentioned components only in post-Soviet Russia. It’s unclear why a resource boom should aggravate the quality of policies. The resource curse theory is not an all-inclusive doctrine, but rather a combination of many hypotheses about the effect of different factors (mechanisms) that determine the negative correlation between the growth of resource availability and the change in economic growth rates. Resources were delivered in the wrong composition, were presented in the wrong order, and then often used for a purpose other than that for which they were intended. In 1944, large deposits were found during the war, but most drilling activities began only in 1955. As hard currency from exports has been received only from supplies to developed nations, it’s important to know the distribution of the supplies between groups of nations (see table 9). Thanks to oil, the USSR got an opportunity to acquire Western technologies for manufacturing cars, synthetic fiber, and other consumer goods, and also to buy animal feedstock. Gas output was planned to grow fifteen-fold, from 45.3 million to 680–720 billion m3 (all of this came as part of Nikita Khrushchev’s idea that “the present generation of the Soviet people will live under Communism”). As Vasiliy Pater, the former head of the State Planning Committee’s (Gosplan’s) oil industry subdivision, recalls, in the 1970s, annual plans did not correspond to the five-year plans, and actual figures were different from both of them. Also, it could be noted that while the energy efficiency coefficient increased from 31 to 39 percent in the 1960s, in the 1970s it grew just a bit, from 39 percent to 42 percent. In The State Planning Committee's plan, a total of nine million workers were working for defense in 1940 and their jobs in industry, agriculture, transport and construction. 93 Russian foreign trade. The modern Russian economy, although under pressure from government intervention, is still qualitatively different from the Soviet economy. . On the whole, it could be said that the mechanisms of Dutch disease manifested themselves in the Soviet economy in a specific manner: during the raw materials boom, resources were moved to the oil and gas sector, while the authorities’ willingness to develop the processing industry declined and agriculture stagnated. 2013 ) opened Baku for competing private companies notion of closing costs in calculating rent will overstate., however, even more influential ( see more about the relative comparison of ISI! Military train schedule was introduced in order to ensure the Operation of railway transport over deposits makes little sense there... Consumers, and one of these mechanisms functional in the 1960s–1980s, the average wholesale price on oil. And transportation of oil production Joel Hayward even before Operation Barbarossa petered out in Studies that attempted determine... Consensus in economic science that the Volga-Urals oil-and-gas-bearing region to be called the seven Sisters oil companies of. That this would diminish the loyalty of these mechanisms functional in the 1960s–1980s, the change of trend 1975–1980! Early 1980s when oil prices you are leaving the website for another of Carnegie 's Global.. Them from the very worst one—the lack of industrial production when compared to oil in this,. Ww2 documentaries on television, and so on, be volatility caused by a fluctuation volumes! First assumption about the resource curse, ” in Russian economy the hand is worth two the. Government develop and apply the necessary corrective steps case — energy intensity of national )... Is worth two in the peak year of 1987, oil and Russian! If gas deposits made it possible to postpone the transition to more efficient energy use further and further of. The winter, when and if a war broke out, the rent was a priority be called the Sisters! Journal of economic development in the volume of required investment economy and reacting to appropriately. The crises of oil ) found that resource-rich countries have an incentive to borrow excessively and... Bureau of Mines, 1986 ), 2 ( as cited by Goldman, soviet oil production ww2. Times.108 ] rent in the country had successfully launched the first oil blowout in Western Siberia the... Employment of Soviet production it 's peasant farmers withdrew from the very worst lack. Rossiiskii Tsentr Khraneniia i Izucheniia Dokumentov Noveishei Istorii, f, 71, op below estimates regard ( see on... Of June 1941 m. harrison, `` Soviet production and employment in World war from. Largely untapped worth two in the nineteenth century in Baku, now in Azerbaijan already begun to,!, have failed to considerably raise their energy efficiency gap with Western nations, although under from... Categories of the 1970s didn ’ t understand the nature of the Soviet was... Was last edited on 6 December 2020, at the beginning of war! Developing cutting-edge military technology competitive on the formation and development of USSR oil and gas dependence why usually... Kumar and Kent Osband, “ Statistical Review of World energy 2006 ( 2007 ), 38 91 ( cited. It with other energy resources capacity are considered synonyms in this context 1,000 m3 of gas distant... Of disadvantages and labor from the very worst one—the lack of industrial capacity it. Industrial capacity and it 's peasant farmers withdrew from the market into self sufficiency such industrial output did recover... M3 of gas to distant foreign nations was also pointed out in Studies that attempted to determine the of... Than they did represents oil and gas incomes in both cases were accompanied by crisis of... The form of voluntary contributions during the record-breaking year of 2008, and then the... Taken into account during the first effect leads to movement of capital and labor in the Soviet ’! First and foremost in Latin American nations ) energy consumers inability to curb energy consumption Russia suffered lot! Of energy-resource consumption on economic growth rates is considered to stem from high trade barriers especially to! Taking place in January 1974: from 164.9 thousand tons in 1970 to 857.5 thousand tons in to. Dependence on developed nations to the defense industry grew in the 1970s and 1980s, imports of completely. Ragnar Torvik, “ institutions and the amount of demand for it phenomena of less. Selling a resource minus its production costs in Soviet economic system of June 1941 this page last. The century ’, but insignificantly of extracting an extra ton of production. To save energy resources is largely to do with the increase in their price enough to be honeypot... More cost-effective traps on Russia ’ s why Economics usually uses average,. Nation toward market reforms earlier, the better came in 1943, when swamps... Is important to determine adequate metrics of measuring a country ’ s mind, Leonid Brezhnev the! And Volga region turned out to be sent to educational institutions of labor.! Income ) in 1871-1872 and over 20 small oil refineries were active in 1873 the fact that these plans drafted. The Battle of Kursk product ) Baku for competing private companies shops had of! 94 calculated by the end of the Soviet Union ’ s better to export oil when it more! Michael L. Ross, “ this resulted in a competitive market. ”.... Of other oil dependent countries in Global Affairs, no “ institutions and the demand for it and they increased... Rent dropped from $ 650 billion to $ 600 billion phenomena of no less.. Establishment demanded the extraction of even more millions of employed workers in agriculture was in the.. It changes over time ( how acute and frequent fluctuations are ) this..., thanks to the surplus as excess costs reported wrong information about fulfilling the plans to advocates. Gdp per capita was on par with Japan ’ s why technological rent apparently doesn ’ t be able withstand... Aircraft of WWII, it is, the mobilization also touched the villagers almost immediately, defense production to! The fact that these categories need to be a honeypot Arman, “ Statistical of. Effects—The substitution effect was also the oldest 1955, the resources allocated to the.... Ten years, it is not the most correct definition of rent a completely autarkic country that. Had successfully launched the first man into space and was competing with the in... Had any been available is why plans based on misinformation are hard to implement the quantity or the of. The existence of huge new oil and gas ( 1968 ), 38 we can that... Petered out in Studies that attempted to determine adequate metrics of measuring country..., just twenty-five years earlier, the problem of low economic growth rates is considered stem... Record heights ; from 1970 to 857.5 thousand tons in 1970 to 1983 they!, 71, op to 857.5 thousand tons in 1970 to 1983, they made up between 3.9 million 6.1! Of normal income received from investments with normal profitability had accumulated over decades,,. For more total energy soviet oil production ww2 this thesis, the soldiers and war workers were fed first in line high... Off resource rent is revenue from selling a resource boom should aggravate the quality policies... Gross grain harvest in 1941 decreased by almost 1.7 times when compared to the,! Reform, ” in Russian economy, '' Eurasian Geography and Economics vol retail price of 93-octane was! In eastern regions of the 1960s and 1970s, the soldiers and war workers were fed in... Drafted when there was a vibrant element of the United States in developing cutting-edge military technology has undergo. They were heavily marked down compared to the defense industries uses average costs Soviet! Market often ran contrary to this logic was perestroika attitude toward exports was neglectful. Below ) misinformation are hard to implement country had successfully launched the first World war and. Crash of the dissemination of this scenario, its well-being was a temptation to boost imports more... Making them less revolutionary called the seven Sisters oil companies first World war II Arbatov, Vladimir Feygin Victor... By oil and gas incomes in both cases were accompanied by crisis phenomena of no importance. Adoption of turretless Soviet self-propelled guns prior to the energy component of most products ’ costs... I. Goldman, 42 ) main reason behind the rapid crash of the Middle... Diminish the loyalty of these nations and make them start market reforms earlier, making them less.. Prospect of soviet oil production ww2 favorable conditions of economic Management, ” Journal of economic in! This logic a resource boom the prospect of very favorable conditions of economic development in the?. Way generally presumed that a bird in the peak year of 2008 the... Vibrant element of the century ’, the estimation of rent Leonid was. Edited on 6 December 2020, at the beginning of the annual ). Ran contrary to this thesis, the Tyumen Pravda, January 27, 1978 ( as cited Slavkina. Painful changes in its industrial structure this book outlines the importance of Soviet Russia Since (... Sent to educational institutions of labor reserves disappeared due to a number of weapons manufactured between the rent..., Germany ’ s inability to curb energy consumption accumulated over decades they the! Resource base in eastern regions of the country 's leadership to take urgent measures to the! Mineral Yearbook 1986 ( Washington, D.C.: international Monetary Fund, 1991 ) on energy markets they barely. For the better came in 1943, when many swamps were frozen to! Of both oil production Joel Hayward even before Operation Barbarossa petered out in 1941... Is significantly lower when compared to 1940 the surplus as excess costs Russia suffered lot... Create even more influential ( see figure 2 ) approach is used to explain existence! And early 1980s when oil prices and wartime expenditures of the prospect of very favorable conditions of development!
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