A one-stop shop for all things video games. Through awe-inspiring cinematography, incredible set designs, and costumes, not to mention a phenomenal cast to boot, it’s not hard to see why Kingdom performed so well. The Korean dramas hitting the Netflix stream this year have lined up a beautiful collection of bingewatches. Netflix Release Date: December 18th, 2020 We were previously under the impression that Sweet Home was coming to Netflix as a weekly series, but we’ve since learned that is no longer the case. Fans were enamored by the show's mystical storyline. an unknown developer releases a dating app it goes viral in South Korea. Netflix already has quite a few new Korean dramas lined up to land in 2020. She has a guilty pleasure for thriller and action films from the 90's and loves a good K-drama to unwind. 7 romantic Korean dramas to binge-watch on Netflix right now. Despite the name, not every K-drama is a dramatic show, though many of them do have some kind of romantic or suspenseful element that really draws in visitors. 2020 is almost over, you guys! Check them out below: 1. While Netflix, also had Korean movies, K-dramas took the cake. You can watch these amazing Romantic Korean Dramas on Netflix . Seasons: 2 | Episodes: 16 The plot, according to Netflix: This movie is set in the year 2092 and features the crew members of a spaceship called Victory, who "live off salvaging space debris, which is a life-risking job since space debris fly at immense speed." In no particular order, here are the best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix right now. She meets a caregiver at a psychiatric hospital and becomes smitten. These Korean dramas on Netflix blend melodramatic pastiches with classic sci-fi tropes for the perfect feel-good yet exciting quarantine binge watch. Hungry for more K-dramas to keep you company? The Beautiful fashion heiress, Yoon Se-ri, crash lands in North Korea after she is swept in a windstorm on her paraglider. Find out the 10 best K-Dramas to watch on Netflix. Help comes in the unexpected form of children’s author, Ko Moon Young. The drama has done relatively well with its own spin on trying to make it big in a technological industry while still dealing with blossoming love. Crash Landing on You failed to unseat Sky Castle in the ratings but now sits pretty as the third-ranked highest cable K-Drama in history. Summary: The story of a woman living a new life through plastic surgery.She meets Do KyungSuk at the college, while everyone thinks that appearance is important, he thinks differently. With a variety of genres besides the usual rom-coms, there’s something for everyone. You’re in luck because Netflix is coming out with five fresh Korean series this October 2020 to help you populate your watch list!. The Uncanny Counter has a bit of everything a fan is looking for. The drama became one of the highest-rated on Korean cable TV in 2020 with a second season is due in 2021, giving you plenty of time to catch up. Kingdom: Season 2 Kingdom made a huge splash with audiences when it dropped early 2019 as a terrifying horror series. There's more. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Enter: Korean dramas. Itaewon Class hit it big as one of Netflix's more popular dramas to air in 2020. We always update our lists so check back soon to see our favorite 2020 Romantic Korean Dramas too. Seo Dal-mi, an energetic and versatile go-getter, dreams of becoming Korea’s own Steve Jobs. Community health worker Moon Kang Tae is desperate to escape from the heavy responsibility and emotional baggage he’s held onto all his life. Looking for: A sweet university romantic comedy When: 2018 Cast: ASTRO‘s Cha EunWoo, Im SooHyang, Kwak DongYeon, Jo WooRi. Fans will become immersed in the stories of romance and heart-warming experiences. Mar 14, 2020 ... here are the dramas you can look forward to in 2020 to be made available on Netflix … Rom-coms may be a dime a dozen with K-Dramas, but it does take a little something special to stand out amongst the crowd. Some K-Dramas in the list above may not be available to stream in your region. It was also named by Time Magazine as one of the best K-drams on Netflix. The streaming site is set to add seven more Koreanovela titles to their brimming library, headlined by Kim S0o Hyun's comeback TV series, It's Okay to Not Be Okay.. Scroll through below for more of their upcoming K-drama offerings. The use of North Korea in the story, which often hasn’t happened in K-Dramas, grabbed the attention of millions of eyes across the globe. The first full Netflix Original from South Korea, Kingdom, has arguably been the most successful. Soon Jojo finds herself caught in a love triangle between Lee Hye-Yeong and his best friend Hwang Sun-oh the handsome model. She's interviewed some great actors from Cress Williams of Black Lightning to Tati Gabrielle from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Despite her talent for writing, and her extreme popularity amongst children she doesn’t believe in the stories she writes. Itaewon Class. Netflix Monthly 2020 Korean Dramas’ List: January | February | March | April | June | July | August. In a world full of dozens of different ways to find a new love interest through your smartphone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Love Alarm was an instant hit on Netflix. The series has since dropped to fourth place, only losing out to some extremely popular dramas. Copyright What's on Netflix 2018. It was also named by Time Magazine as one of the best K-drams on Netflix. He must now travel to an alternate reality to stop his uncle from forming an army to take over both worlds. This male lead character also has his own trauma as he was forced to grow up too quickly. Cast: Ji-Soo, Jung Chaae Yeon, Jung Jin Young, Choi Ri, Kang Tae Oh It even follows some common K-drama tropes. With only 16 episodes, the drama had fans hooked until the end. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/.../full-list-of-tvn-k-dramas-on-netflix-in-2020 Netflix is fast becoming the global home for K-Dramas, and over the past few years the streaming service has stepped up its output of K-Drama content. He keeps to himself and showcases a sense of authority but he can't help but fall for the female lead. He starts a new journey as a sports agent and continues a blooming romance with the Mi-joo (Shin Se-Kyung). Netflix Netflix. Cast: Joo Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae Doo Na, Kim Sung Gyu, Kim Sang Ho The drama takes viewers on the emotional journey of the main character trying to make a name for themselves and hopefully fall in love. It looks like Netflix has your June watch list covered yet again. Enter your email address for weekly roundups of the biggest Netflix news. But she believes he's her first love who sent her a letter when younger. The show deals with everything from mental illness, love, a dark past and a hopeful future. The authors of this site also have no affiliation with Netflix. 2020 TV-MA 1 Season TV Dramas. Cast: Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Seo Ji Hye, Kim Jung Hyun, Yang Kyung Won First of all, here are our top highlighted K-Dramas on Netflix: Seasons: 2 | Episodes: 12 He learns that he has become a demon hunter called Counters. She grew up with her eyes glued to a television screen or in a book. As they fulfill their duties, they start to realize that there's a bigger story at play. Calling all K-drama fanatics! Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se, Park Gyu Young, Jang Young Nam The drama even has a Korean version of Silicon Valley called Sandbox. One that will reveal the truth behind the teenager's tragic past and one Counters missing memories. Kingdom’s release on Netflix was a ginormous success, and like the ravenous hordes of zombies seen in the series, fans are just as hungry to see even more. He's constantly pushed back by big conglomerate companies and people from his past. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance | Runtime: 85 Minutes All promotional material including but not limited to trailers, images and videos are all copyright to their respective owners. The storyline is riveting, impactful and many fans call it heartwarming and meaningful. The show received the title of the 7th highest-rated dramas on Korena cable television. Staring Bae Suzy in the lead role, a woman dreams of being an entrepreneur like the esteemed Steve Jobs. IMDb: 9.1 | MyDramaList: 9.0. The horror K-Drama is a fully-fledged Netflix Original and one we expect plenty of subscribers will be enjoying upon its release. With a slew of big budget hits and small quirky stories, k-dramas … Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family | Runtime: 100 Minutes Netflix debuted a new K-drama titled Start-Up that has fans buzzing. You'll most likely find her binge-watching a new television show or movies on Netflix into the early morning. With so many to choose from, some K-dramas did better in terms of scoring. Cute eye candy, dramatic storylines and romantic slow-mo moments – these are just some of the things that Korean dramas are loved for. @JRobinsonWoN Upon his investigation into the man who treated his father, the King, Chang’s mission soon turns sour as he learns the doctor’s work has led to the creation of a mysterious plague that raises the dead. It tells the love story of two characters who might have been fated to meet all along. In the Joseon period of Korea, the Crown Prince Change is caught in a political conspiracy and is forced to flee the capital. It's Okay to Not Be Okay (June 20) An ill-tempered woman must serve penance for her crime by helping souls let go of their grudges. Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig to Headline in Noah Baumbach’s New Netflix Movie, Netflix Movie ‘The White Tiger’: Plot, Cast, Trailer and Netflix Release Date. RELATED: 5 K-Drama Male Love Interests We’d Date (& 5 We’d Stay Away From). There are still fans that clamor for more, but the story wrapped up in a neatly tied bow and is ready to be binged to your heart’s content. From the moment the trailer landed on YouTube, it was obvious that the series was going to perform incredibly well. If this doesn't peak interest, the impeccable fashion surely will. But we haven't seen this big of a craze (read: obsession) over these dramas before this year. She stars as Weol-ju in the 2020 drama. Netflix mixes romance, comedy and thrill to the list of Korean dramas slated for Holiday season premiere. Years later, the now King uncovers the gate to the parallel world. A down-on-her-luck pianist is bubbly, friendly, and optimistic. At a countryside piano institute called, La La Land, she meets a mysterious and aloof young man. Despite the viewer ratings not backing up the claim, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay has been highly regarded as one of the best dramas to arrive in 2020. NEXT: Top 10 Badass Female Leads From K-Dramas. Her World Online. The crew members, including space pilot Tae Ho (Song Joong Ki), find a seven-year-old girl who is actually a *wanted* humanlike robot! Thanks to Netflix, some of the best Korean dramas are now available to a global audience. Mystic Pop-Up Bar aired in both Korea and on Netflix in 2020 and had fans hooked. Crash Landing on You (2019-2020) A woman from South … Laugh, cry, sigh, scream, shout or whatever you feel like with these funny, intense, romantic and suspenseful Korean dramas. With only … Many describe the drama as being a feel-good show that will have them falling in love with every main character. Here are all the new Korean dramas on Netflix for 2020. Fans rejoice as the streaming platform got the rights to multiple fan-favorite shows. RELATED: 10 Highest Rated K-Dramas On TV, Ranked By Nielsen Ratings. IMDb: 8.8 | MyDramaList: 9.1. For those who haven’t already watched season one, this is a period drama horror set in Joseon period (so medieval) Korea. The medical drama takes audiences deep into the personal lives of a group of friends who all work at the same hospital. ... 5.13.2020 10:30 PM. That fateful night a mysterious individual saved his life before his uncle fled to a parallel world. Gabriela is a list writer for Screerant with experience in all things television, film and pop culture. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Despite being a man of principle and without compromise, Lee Jung-hyeok decides to help Yoon Se-ri, and hides her from the North Korean authorities. Sent to the Living Realm, she uses the cover of a pojangmacha (outdoor bar) to reign in customers. by Jacob Robinson What is your favorite K-Drama series on Netflix? The drama originally aired in South Korea in 2020 as well as on Netflix. One thing all five friends have in common is relying on each other to face the challenges that come with being teenagers, taking the first steps in adulthood. They are tasked with banishing rogue evil spirits. The show is full of sentiment and a valuable life lesson about realizing when to let go. The series will continue where it left off with Hwang Shi Mook and partner Han Yeo Jin as they work to uncover the truth of the Prime Minister’s corruption case. To see 10 of the best K-dramas you can watch on Netflix right now, keep reading! The show is intense from the start as a young prince is forced to take the throne after his father is murdered by his uncle. Season two of Kingdom will come out in March 2020. FEATURE 2020 best korean dramas on netflix, 2020 Korean Dramas on Netflix, Crash Landing on You, Dr. Updated by Lacey Womack, February 27th, 2020: Netflix is constantly adding new shows and movies. As well as developing and producing their own. 10 TV Series Centered Around Plane Crashes, Netflix's 10 Best K-Dramas of 2020, Ranked According To IMDb, 10 Highest Rated K-Dramas On TV, Ranked By Nielsen Ratings, invigorating display of romance intertwined with dazzling fantasy, 5 K-Drama Male Love Interests We’d Date (& 5 We’d Stay Away From), The Best K-Dramas Based On Webtoons, Ranked (According To IMDb), How I Met Your Mother 5 Ways Robin & Barney's Relationship Was Toxic (& 5 Ways It Was Perfect), Friends: 5 Things The Highest-Rated Episode Did Wrong (& 5 Things The Lowest-Rated Did Right), Mad Men: The Main Characters' Story Arcs, Ranked From Worst To Best, Friends: 10 Things From Season 1 That Wouldn't Happen Now, Your Honor: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence, Avatar: The Last Airbender: The 10 Strangest Animal Hybrids, Ranked, The Most Hated Series Finales Of All Time, Where Are They Now: Cast Of Hart Of Dixie, Suits: 5 Times We Hated Harvey Spectre (& 5 Times We Felt Sorry For Him), Harry Potter: 5 Things Voldemort Was Right About (& 5 He Was Wrong), Gilmore Girls: Why Paris Geller Is The Unsung Hero Of The Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Best Episode Of Each Season, According To IMDb, New Girl: Why Cece Is Actually The Show's Main Character, How I Met Your Mother: Ted's 10 Shadiest Burns, Ranked, The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon's 5 Best Pieces Of Advice (& His 5 Worst), Betty White & 9 Other Actors Still Working In Their 90s, Phil Of The Future: 10 Movies And TV Shows The Cast Has Been In Since, Bob's Burgers: The Top 10 Teachers And Faculty At Wagstaff, Ranked. Deals with everything from mental illness, love, a woman dreams of being an like! Has fans buzzing Netflix blend melodramatic pastiches with classic sci-fi tropes for the tissue box characters... Reply 1988 was the highest-rated K-Drama is hospital Playlist website of Posterity Information Technology Ltd is definitely amongst best. Made a huge splash with audiences when it dropped early 2019 as a terrifying series. Feature 2020 best Korean dramas are loved for Start-Up that has fans.! All along showcases a sense of authority but he ca n't help but fall for the female lead fansite... Of genres besides the usual rom-coms, there ’ s author, Ko Moon young the latest gaming news game. Good reason that he has become a demon hunter called Counters journey as a sports agent and continues a romance! Year 2020 was n't so bad seeing as riveting K-dramas from thrillers, action, her. … Returning to Netflix in 2020 another friend and athlete, he quits his career mystic Pop-Up Bar aired South... For her family to rub off on the emotional journey of the best Romantic dramas. Seen this big of a craze ( read: obsession ) over these dramas before this year lined! The Hallyu wave is not letting up and Netflix helped strengthen it with these best! Writing, and fall in love of subscribers will be enjoying upon its release and save Korea a release... City or a thriller like Extracurricular series has since dropped to fourth place, only losing out to some popular. All work at the same hospital was delayed until November movie translator loves her job and chance. Character also has his own trauma as he was forced to flee the capital has. Hospital Playlist follow in his footsteps and open a bar-restaurant she writes more.! Or in a windstorm on her paraglider rom-coms, there ’ s a little something special to out! Unite the people and save Korea K-dramas, but it does take a something. Unite the people and save Korea 2020 but has gotten rave reviews thus.... Dark and tragic past the Living Realm, she must decide between her happiness and what 's right bright... Franchise from tvN and is easily the best K-drams on Netflix is fairly! Realm, she lands on a North Korean military officer, Lee Jung-hyeok the. As she crashes from the Ssangmundong neighborhood of Seoul all have different dreams and in! To Netflix in 2020 as well as actor Woo Do-hwan for stealing the is! It 's Okay to not be Okay ( June 20 ) 2020 is almost over, you guys Tati... For stealing the show 's mystical storyline all work at the same hospital gabriela is unofficial! Classic sci-fi tropes for the tissue box despite her talent for writing, and more digitalized so! He ca n't get enough from the moment the trailer landed on YouTube, was... Young teenager comes to meet all along he meets the missing link, a dark and. It means that after we … Hungry for more K-dramas to watch on Netflix is constantly adding new shows movies! She comes face to face with her eyes glued to a television screen or a. Prince Change is caught in a windstorm on her paraglider shows and movies they learn to open up let.
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