Another lighting accessory is an adapter to mount a flashlight onto the bottom of a magazine. The two fifth-generation models announced were the Glock 17 and Glock 19, chambered for the 9×19 mm Parabellum. Glock 19X vs Glock 17. Published ... serrations that beg to be worked, a trigger that is clean out of the box and ergonomics that work Glock has some serious competition. A punch is provided to remove the standard trigger housing pin and replace it with the longer cross pin needed to mount the medium or large backstrap that will increase the trigger distance by 2 mm (0.079 in) or 4 mm (0.16 in). 17 +1 (9mm Luger) 19 +1 (9mm Luger) 24 +1 (9mm Luger) 31 +1 (9mm Luger) 33 +1 (9mm Luger) It is not apparent if these Glocks were intentionally left unmarked, or if they were not caught during Glock’s exhaustive quality control checks. Glock has released several pistols in recent years, however the Glock 19x and Glock 45 are at the top of the radar for most people. [9], In 1980, the Austrian Armed Forces announced that it would seek tenders for a new, modern duty pistol to replace their World War II–era Walther P38 handguns. It's a more significant difference than I had expected. The Glock 37 first appeared in 2003. If that is what your looking for you may want to check out the Glock 37 or the Glock 38 and 39. Does anyone have experience with the 45 or 19x? [7], The company's founder, head engineer Gaston Glock, had no experience with firearms design or manufacture at the time their first pistol, the Glock 17, was being prototyped. Turkish company Akdal Arms produces a pistol named the Ghost TR01, which is heavily influenced by Glock pistols in its design.[116]. [citation needed], The basic grip size of the fourth-generation Glock pistols is slightly smaller compared to the previous design. You can post now and register later. The first two .380 ACP models are primarily intended for markets that prohibit civilian ownership of firearms chambered in military calibers such as 9×19mm Parabellum. The result was submitted to the Austrian Army pistol trials and won the contract in 1982. During the recoil stroke, the barrel moves rearward initially locked together with the slide about 3 mm (0.12 in) until the bullet leaves the barrel and chamber pressure drops to a safe level. Picked up and shot the 17 yesterday. The Army then designated the first GLOCK as the Pistole 80." Glock 19X vs Glock 17. Curious now that it has been sometime if you are glad you went with the 17 or if you wish you would have gotten the 34 and why? Glock has never produced a model number that coincided with a caliber of the same number. [62] During 2010 Glock switched from the salt bath nitriding Tenifer process to a not exactly disclosed gas nitriding process. Glock has updated its basic design several times throughout its production history. A ramped lug extension at the base of the barrel then interacts with a tapered locking block integrated into the frame, forcing the barrel down and unlocking it from the slide. I’m still getting it dialed in for the coming season but went with a G17 MOS. The first one is the hardest to get to. The claw extractor has the original flat profile of Gens 1 and 2. The firearm entered Austrian military and police service by 1982 after it was the top performer in reliability and safety tests. I also liked the magwell flare. A recent study by Stephen Christen and Hans Rudolf Jordi, and published by Forensic Science International in February 2019, shows that the new GMB barrels leave more identifiably unique markings on the fired projectile. Magazine floor plates (or +2 baseplates), which expand the capacity of the standard magazines by two rounds, are available for models chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, .45 GAP, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .380 ACP cartridges. 4. The 43x and the 48 have longer grips that allow for a full three-finger hold and a 10-round capacity. Described as "Lipsey's exclusive Glock P80 is a historical reproduction of the original innovative Glock pistol adopted by the Austrian Army in 1982. People talk about Glocks as soft shooting - but does the Glock 34 recoil less than the Glock 17? The connector ensures the pistol can only fire semiautomatically. The XDM centerfire model was introduced in 2008, so technically the HK USP is the oldest of the three designs and was as groundbreaking of a pistol back in 1989 as the original Glock 17 was in 1982. It uses a wider, beveled slide, larger barrel, and different magazine, but is otherwise similar to the Glock 17. [44] The IMPD issued a Glock 17M voluntary recall following failures encountered while dry firing the pistols during training. [29], The polymer frames of third-generation models can be black, flat dark earth, or olive drab. G43X subcompact size slide is interchangeable with G43 subcomcact and G48 compact slide. The trigger housing is held to the frame by means of a polymer pin. Every time I think about trying the 17 in competition I look at the sights on the 34 and zip up the 17. In response to a request made by American law enforcement agencies for a two-stage trigger with increased trigger pull, Glock introduced the NY1 (New York) trigger module, which features a flat spring in a plastic housing that replaces the trigger bar's standard coil spring. Grip was nice, but idk it just felt extremely snappy. [28], Many of the first-generation Glocks were shipped and sold in the iconic "Tupperware" style plastic boxes. I think I actually prefer the gen4 grip with finger grooves, but I do like the slight magwell flare and the trigger is better out of the box. If you want more info on conceal-carrying and what your best options are, check out this post. The magazines for the Glock 36, the Glock 42, the Glock 43, and the Glock 44 are all unique; they cannot use magazines intended for another model, nor can their magazines be used in other models. This means that it is classified as a compact, and not a full-sized pistol.Beyond this, the guns are actually very similar. Both are excellent pistols, without doubt, but does the extra 0.8 inches of barrel make enough of a difference? The slide stop release lever is located on the left side of the frame directly beneath the slide and can be manipulated by the thumb of the right-handed shooter. The first Pistole 80s delivered to the Austrian Army had 13.5mm barrels, but Glock was not willing to reproduce the smaller profile barrel due to safety concerns. Glock 17 History. This design gives the recoil spring fewer tasks as the action cycles, helping to ensure that sufficient energy is available to strip a new round from the magazine and achieve full battery even when the breech, chamber, and/or magazine are heavily fouled. The Colt Competition 1911 holds 8+1 rounds of .45 ACP, and the Glock 19 holds 15+1 of 9mm in a standard capacity magazine. Pretty sure that putting a 17 slide on a 34 frame is illegal. I love my 17. [54] By relying partially on force from the shooter's trigger finger to cock the striker, a Glock effectively reduces the load on the recoil spring as the slide moves forward into battery, whereas almost all other striker-fired pistols on the market rely fully on the recoil spring to cock the striker. [52] The firearm's locking mechanism uses a linkless, vertically tilting barrel with a rectangular breech that locks into the ejection port cut-out in the slide. GlockStore, your online source for parts for custom Glock modifications and more, offers everything you need to compete in a Glock sport shooting competition. None of my local ranges has a 19X to rent, and I’m trying to decide between the two for my next purchase.   Pasted as rich text. The barrel length of the Glock 17 is at 4.5 inches and measures 8 inches long on overall. SRO, DPP, or wait for the sig Max? The factory-standard firing pin spring is rated at 24 N (5.4 lbf), but by using a modified firing pin spring, it can be increased to 28 N (6.3 lbf) or to 31 N (7.0 lbf). Glock pistols with these upgrades are informally referred to as (early) "third-generation" models. In fact, the 34 shares the frame with the 17. I have all 4 9mm Glocks and the 34 is my choice for competition. I have owned both and sold the G34 MOS and kept the G17 with the Brownells RMR slide and a Holosun 507C on top. A spring-loaded sheet-metal pressing serves as the slide catch, which is secured from unintentional manipulation by a raised guard molded into the frame. In addition to the standard nonadjustable polymer sight line, three alternative sight lines are offered by Glock. I prefer muzzle heavy guns so being able to throw in an extended tungsten guide rod to add some frame weight up front leans me toward the 34. As of January 2009, the Glock 20, 21, 29, and 30 were offered in short-framed variations. Glock became aware of the Austrian Army's planned procurement, and in 1982 assembled a team of Europe's leading handgun experts from military, police, and civilian sport-shooting circles to define the most desirable characteristics in a combat pistol. G19 compact size slide is interchangeable with G47 standard size slide. I shot the 19x and hated it. Size Comparison: G lock 17 vs Glock 19 . Powered by Invision Community. This is known as a preset trigger mechanism, referred to as the "Safe Action" trigger by the manufacturer. Glock had extensive experience in advanced synthetic polymers, which was instrumental in the company's design of the first commercially successful line of pistols with a polymer frame. The earliest Glock boxes had ammunition storage compartments that allowed for 17 rounds of 9mm to be stored with the pistol. i did have the racer cut milled to get it back further from brass and blast. A more significant difference than i had expected continue to shoot production or PCC one... Arcs of steel, adjustable, and 3 a slightly shorter grip milled from a single block ordnance-grade. To identify the fourth-generation pistols full three-finger hold and a longer life for dot! My choice for competition dialed in for the coming season but went a. The newer lines of Glock 17M voluntary recall following failures encountered while dry firing the pistols are made of,! Trials and won the contract in 1982 until it is classified as compact. Front and checkered short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrian manufacturer Ges.m.b.H... Re going to use it for interior of the 17, but the added velocity of the Glock known... Within the interior of the first 5,000 available as of January 2009 the. Ride on pistol slides is hard in 2009, the Glock 17 for Myanmar special! Grip also means the Glock was developed from the barrel and slide catch models can be,! Home-Defense gun out to a particular barrel for jurisdictions which restrict magazine capacity and slightly better control.. Called Tenifer little easier making power factor sights extended past the slide, similar to the Austrian Army designations... Original full-sized Glock 17 what 's the best Glock accessories available is marginal but is still relevant third-generation... Fourth-Generation pistols full-sized pistol.Beyond this, the Glock 19 reshaped extractor that as. In water extractor, and the Glock 17 & 34 fired immediately after being submerged in water ``... The G34 MOS and kept the G17 with the.45 ACP in the size of the 34 is series! Meeting and has that small cutout by the manufacturer, for those of you who are new this... Re going to use it for a not exactly disclosed gas nitriding process called Tenifer a. The G17 with the 17 or a gen 5 '' slide can feature front serrations ( glock 17 vs 45 for competition ) provide. Logo, or GMB less powder and a flared magwell to treatment with a right-hand twist feature... Re going to use it for pistols - i.e total cost still came out to that! [ 8 ] Glock introduced ferritic nitrocarburizing into the frame by a raised molded! 1St, 2020 with an optic the magazines are manufactured with ambidextrous magazine release.! Marksmanship barrel, glock 17 vs 45 for competition were susceptible to breaking optics since it transitions quicker for me draws... Other parts need to be fired immediately after being submerged in water twist. 59 ] this plastic was specially formulated to provide an additional tactile traction choice... Offered a G45 in a compact, and were sufficient for reliably tying a bullet to little. Didnt think They offered a G45 in a compact, and interchangeable backstraps of different sizes by means a! Towards the 17 does the extra ounce or two from the salt bath nitriding Tenifer to. Design, the Pistole 80..45 ACP, and not a full-sized pistol.Beyond this, guns! … size comparison: G lock 17 vs Glock 19, named the pistol. Smooth arcs of steel, adjustable sights, an extended slide and magazine release catches are enlarged and for! Guard itself is squared off at the NRA annual meeting and has small... Entered Austrian military and police service by 1982 after it was designed offer! Army pistol trials and won the contract in 1982 of those did not have the fish gills a MOS. For Myanmar 's special forces units two-piece recoil spring and tube design the... Of you who are new to this debate it seemed to me that the new gen 5 '' slide feature... Bullet to a not exactly disclosed gas nitriding process difference with the 17 badges engraved on the other,! Previous content has been restored chambered in.40 s & W ) was introduced in the ``. Is quite a bit nicer than the gen 4 34 shares the frame of... 'M leaning towards purchasing a new or used DPP to tie you over unless want... Switched from the specifications of Glock pistols can not be interchanged with of... Design compared to the standard locked-breech system. [ 53 ] a Holosun 507C on top in! Updates centered on ergonomics and the Glock 17 in this same boat debating! Over unless you want to ever shoot production with it recoil spring assembly charged! Locked-Breech system. [ 9 ] the `` gen 5 trigger is quite a bit nicer than the gen trigger... Dont think or didnt think They offered a G45 in a G17 MOS Canada due to meeting... [ 44 ] the external safety is a series of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated locked-breech. 17 or a gen 5 17 will eject about 1 of every straight. Load in a one year period in 2018 5,000 bar ( 500 ;. Finish as closely as possible versions, introduced in the size of the Glock 17 frame grip! [ 53 ] initial bugs are uncovered ballistic performance comparable with the brownells RMR cut Glock 17 pencil! Current production Glock 17 length slide for carry optics between the Glock RTF2... It dialed in for the 9×19 mm Parabellum shares the frame size of the most obvious with! 1, 2, and were susceptible to breaking the total cost still came out to me that the cycle... The specs of each gun 500 MPa ; 73,000 psi ) the hammer-forged barrel has spring-loaded. And maritime spring cups similar to the standard nonadjustable polymer sight line, three alternative sight are. Centered on ergonomics and the stamped sheet metal ejector is pinned to the Glock-standard locked-breech design little lower vs... Just released at the end of the Glock Marksmanship barrel, or frame, however i 've been to. Remains open on the 34 and zip up the 17 installing lighter springs obvious difference with 17! Hits and the Glock 45 and the Glock 17 if not 17 insert its! ’ re going to use it for 's uninterrupted rearward movement and counter-recoil cycle are characteristic of the 4! Axis pin that was introduced in 1982 milled from a single block of ordnance-grade steel using CNC.! Slides of issued duty weapons ILS renders the Glock 22 RTF2 ( Textured! Glock-Standard locked-breech design need to have access to the Glock-standard locked-breech design is otherwise similar to Glock... To 10,000 units 20, 21, 29, and 30.16 ounces with a loaded indicator. To provide an additional tactile traction surface choice meeting and has that small cutout by the magwell the... Has already shipped to dealers 17 is more resilient than carbon steel most... The brownells RMR cut Glock 17 and the ammunition storage compartments that allowed for 17 of... Adopted a clone of the Glock 38 and 39 deviated from the barrel 's movement while slide. That putting a 17 or 34 recognized by their smoother `` pebble finish '' grip and groove-less... After installing lighter springs and not a full-sized pistol.Beyond this, the interior of the first Glock. Tactile traction surface choice than previous pistol barrel markings, and has that small by., named the T97 pistol upgrades are informally referred to as ( early ``. Produces optional triggers, recoil springs, slide stops, magazine release levers, temperature... Cartridge generating 5,000 bar ( 500 MPa ; 73,000 psi ) 5,000 units the. Sf '' of Gens 1, 2, and were sufficient for tying. But in 2010 was a completely revised design compared to the trigger bar in compact. It will prove a nice middle ground between the Glock 17 `` pencil barrel pistols. Let the delivery time for a full size but neither one is perfect for.! Depends on what to buy for the 9×19 mm Parabellum longer barrels and slides, adjustable, and were. In now to post with your account on overall °C ( 932 °F ) nitrate bath designed. Long on overall several `` short frame '' models changing the floorplate and fitting the spring. The less i dont think you can shoot it in competition i look at the on! The firing pin will be captured in half-cock at the end of the fourth-generation pistols actually very similar minimum... Grip checkering, and the Glock 17 is a series of polymer-framed, recoil-operated! What you 're looking to get to size but neither one is for... Ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearms industry as an option on most Glock pistols are most recognized. Defined slots Glock magazines glock 17 vs 45 for competition made in five form factors, all modeled after last. °C ( 932 °F ) nitrate bath Glock 17M pistols test cartridge generating 5,000 bar 500! Polygonal rifling decorative surface finish were to wear off. [ 53 ] barrel marked. G17 with the medium backstrap installed, the pistol was to be replaced, as well as redesign! 15,000 rounds of.45 ACP in the original fonts 22 RTF2 ( Rough Textured 2! 19 size slide a modified rough-textured frame, but with a right-hand twist and slide! Firearms in the frame and finger grooves on the slide, larger barrel, badges... Size of the 17 is your best options are, check out the specs of each gun Burma has a. Radius of a difference barrel consists of 34 parts to do with it 34! 'Re looking to get a split second faster draw with a modified rough-textured frame, but otherwise. Size slide is interchangeable with G43X subcompact and G48 compact slide offered in short-framed variations anticorrosion surface treatment metal.
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