Very similar to the winner of the highest quality saw for slightly cheaper and a price that works for everyone, the Evolution FURY5-S Multi-Purpose Table Saw is the best value on this list. The saw delivers plenty of power and generates a max no-load speed of 5,200 RPM, more than enough for common applications. Typically, the material to be cut is securely clamped or held in a vise, and the saw is advanced slowly across it. The DeWalt DWE560K comes a pretty close second to the Makita HS7601J/2 in our list of recommendations for the best circular saw, and of course both brands are extremely reputable and preferred by professionals. For cross cuts use a speed square as the fence. You can also quickly lock the base plate into one of several preset angles. Before the design was invented logs were sawn by hand using a pit saw or using powered saws in a sawmill using an up-and-down saw with a reciprocating motion. The 165 mm blade with a 20 mm bore diameter has a maximum cut depth of 57 mm at 90 degrees and only 40 mm at 45 degrees. 24 tooth blade for wood and a 40 tooth version for harder wood and soft metal. Corded saws run at around 15 Amps and cordless 18 Volts, and both produce no-load speeds of around 5,000 rpm, more than adequate for most day to day tasks. Instead of coming with standard. A well-insulated long power cord and a well-made plastic case are handy extras. Despite the assembly required in the beginning, the Evolution Power Tools RAGE-B 7-1/4-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw is a worthy contender for its more expensive competitors. One of my favourite features is the form factor of the saw. Disconnect the saw, shake off loose debris, let it cool and give it a good wipe down. As mentioned in previous articles, the Makita brand is my longtime favourite and go-to for any of my woodworking needs. Keep in mind for most brands the cordless model will set you back more money than the corded one. That 10 seconds could save an awful lot of damage! All in all, the circular saw has come a very long way from its humble beginnings in timber cutting. The blade should be aligned to the waste side of the cut line. The DWE560K is compact and lightweight (3.7 kg) but yet robust, and despite its powerful motor (that generates a no-load speed of 5,500 rpm) it delivers an extremely smooth, controlled, least noisy and least vibrating cutting experience. In variants such as the table saw, the saw is fixed and the material to be cut is slowly moved into the saw blade. (if you want to cut at a 45 degree angle you can go down to 1.65″ (42 mm) – the bevel capacity is 50 degrees). In summary this is a great choice if you are looking for one of the best cordless circular saws for professionals and serious DIYers! The plate is usually made from aluminium but more expensive models have a heavier steel, magnesium or cast metal plate with strengthened ribs. This actually makes the circular saw safer to work with than the table or band saw because you have more control over the blade. I found the turbo blower and the optimised wood chip deflector were extremely efficient at keeping a dust free view of the cutting line. If you do need to adjust its depth with the depth control lever make sure the power cable is unplugged or the battery disconnected. The cutting process is very smooth and the cuts themselves are precise and true, whether using the default vertical setting, setting the baseplate to the required angle, or using the solid guide rail. This would be a perfect cordless circular saw for the average consumer or even a gift for someone looking to get into woodworking. The Bosch GKS 190 comes from Bosch’s Professional (aka “Blue”) range of tools, and is aimed towards the higher end of the market. Use it in a safe manner because, no matter what, safety always comes first. Other nice features of this Makita circular saw include a larger than normal base plate that provides greater stability when cutting, a large lock-off lever and solid depth and bevel adjustors. The Evolution Power Tools RAGEBLADE 7-1/4-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Blade can be used to cut through a variety of different materials, including aluminium, plastic, and wood. This Makita circular saw has many important safety features including a double safety trigger to prevent accidental starting, an electric brake to bring the blade to a halt in around 2 seconds and a large lock-off lever. Unlike other saws, this one comes with 2 blades – a 24 tooth blade for wood and a 40 tooth version for harder wood and soft metal. The floating part has a handle that you can use to temporarily lift the cover when making plunge or bevelled cuts. One of the main reasons behind the success of the Evolution range of power tools is its patented “multi material” cutting capability. The blade capacity of cordless saws is usually slightly less at 6½” (165 mm) so your cutting depth is more in the region of 2½” (60 mm). Evolution Power Tools ST2800 Circular Saw Guide Rail/Track Fits Makita, Bosch, Festool, (Clamps and Carry Bag Included), 2800 mm 4.6 out of 5 stars 590 £69.00 £ 69 . You grip the handle and offer the blade up to the work piece in question, rather than with a table or band saw where you offer the work piece up to a blade that is fixed in position. The depth and bevel adjustments of the base plate are well made and accurate and from a safety perspective there is a lock-off switch, electric brake and overload protection. This version does not have the double bevel feature like the Evolution Rage 3-DB (where the saw arm can be tilted both left and right to 45 degrees), but it is significantly cheaper. Here are several other considerations to help guide to the best circular saw for you. Circular saws are designed for right-handers and waste material is ejected from the left hand side of the saw so if you are left handed beware! This arrangement allows for a great deal of control and also means that both hands are away from the blade. In this section we’ll review the strategies and techniques you need to know to stay safe, both you personally and when using the saw. With this specification keeping 2 x 3 Ah batteries on charge (you need to purchase batteries and charger separately) should be enough to cut through stock (down to 2.2″ (55 mm)) until you get tired before the saw! Utilising patented professional RAGE® technology; easily cuts Steel, Aluminium, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade. The metal base plate is set in the middle of the saw below the fulcrum of the blade and surrounds the blade on both sides. It combines a lot of crucial aspects that each and every tool needs to fulfil. Therefore, if you overstress your motor, it creates more heat than the one he is designed to remove and, as we all know, heat kills a motor. This particular model is extremely compact and lightweight. Coarser masonry blades are used to cut into brick, concrete pavers, natural stone, soft rock such as limestone, and roof tiles. At just under 5 kg it is a little heavier than the saws previously mentioned, but it does provide the operator with a good cutting experience in terms of comfort (e.g. 15-amp corded circular saws have outstanding power and you can get a trusted professional brand name for $100 or less. The feature that sets this top-quality saw apart from the other cordless saws on our list is its brushless motor. Other plus points for this power saw are a 24 tooth blade (the HS7601J/2 comes with a 12 tooth blade), a long power lead and a heavy duty nicely laid out carry case. • The saw usually leaves burrs on the cut edge of metal and plastic (which should then be addressed with sandpaper) If you do, however, make sure that the maximum rpm rating of the blade will not be exceeded by saw. Best Circular Saw UK in 2020: Top 8 Corded and Cordless Reviewed, Best Saw Reviews: Chainsaws, Mitre, Plunge, Circular and Table Saws, Best Circular Saw Reviews: top 8 in the UK, Makita HS7601J/2 190 mm Corded Circular Saw Review: my #1 pick, Evolution FURY1-B Review: best cheap circular saw, DeWalt 18V 165mm XR Battery Circular Saw Review: best cordless circular saw, Makita Cordless Circular Saw Review: Makita DSS611Z LXT, WORX WX427 XL 710W Mini Circular Saw Review.
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