New Reflection Training
A New Reflection in 12 Weeks


From a Trainer Who Has Lost Over 100 lbs

Discover a way to blast belly fat and FINALLY get leaner, once and for all! ... with only 3 workouts a week!
Dear Friend,

Fat Loss Doesn't Have to Be Complicated!

Hi, I'm Mike Whitfield, creator of "New Reflection Training" and I have been in your shoes. I used to weigh almost 300 lbs! Using what I've learned through my own experience as well as my clients, I put together a workout and diet plan that is simple, effective and you don't have to spend hours upon hours in the gym.

The Key is Consistency

To have short-term and long-term success, one of the biggest keys is consistency. And when you have a workout plan in place that doesn't take hours to finish and a nutrition plan that isn't complicated, it's easier to stick to. That's the philosophy of New Reflection Training.

Follow this easy-to-follow program with consistency and you will see a new reflection in the mirror in just 12 weeks.
Throughout this page, you will see people who started their transformation with the principles based on this training program! 
Sticking to a consistent program over 12 weeks can lead to a transforming journey.  These people did, why not you?
Robin lost over 50lbs and 15% body fat!
"I began training at Freedom Fitness in April of 2008.  I was in very bad shape, was medically obese, lacked self-esteem and was quite intimidated by the thought of working out in a gym where others could see me struggle.  I was introduced to Mike.  He was so friendly, outgoing and always had a smile.  Anytime I would see him he always had a word of encouragement for me, a piece of friendly advice or just a welcoming smile.  It was then, that I realized I was in the right place.  I soon had opportunity to actually train with Mike.  What a wonderful time!  He kept me laughing - at him, at myself.  I had so much fun that I didn't realize how hard I was working - at least until the next day!!   He had a fresh approach to training, changing things up for me and telling me I could do it - no matter what!! I have also seen him train other men and women there at the gym.  The one thing I notice that is important to me, above all is that Mike treats each person with respect, dignity and with a true spirit of support and admiration for the individual's effort.  Since then, I have lost over 50 lbs and 15% body fat.  But I have gained self-confidence and most importantly the knowledge that we can ALL DO IT - all we need is support.  And I found that with Mike."
- Robin F.
Imagine Being Able To:
  • Take a picture without feeling so self-conscious

  • Starting AND finishing a program because you can stick to it!
  • Follow a plan that isn't over-complicated and getting real, measureable results!

  • Stepping foot in a gym and knowing exactly what to do and not having to just "wing it"
  •  Finally being able to lose weight and keep it off using a nutrition plan that can be used for life!

...And that's just for starters!

Approximately 50 Minutes a Day, 3 Days a Week

And Not Only That, But:
  • I've tested this program with clients as well as myself.  The average workout lasts only 45 minutes!
  • You won't be doing any boring, long cardio.  I actually despise getting on any cardio machine for a long time
  • You will know exactly what to do, day-by-day, rep-by-rep.  You will get an exact blueprint of exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, etc., etc.
  • You will burn fat, even in those stubborn areas
  • You will get videos and descriptions of each exercise so you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Learn how to finally bust through a plateau
  • And yes, it's possible to gain lean muscle and lose fat at the same time! (My clients have done it... just ask them!)  Females!  Don't be afraid - this program is NOT designed to get you bulky!
“I began working with you when I was fifty nine years old and weighed 231 pounds.  I am only five foot six inches tall.  Needless to say I was obese and definitely out of shape.  I started working out with you as my trainer Jan. 3rd 2006.  By May, I had lost 66 pounds. Everyone tells me I look at least ten years younger and feel great.  You are such a wonderful motivator, encourager and so knowledgeable for such a"special" case as mine.  Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for truly saving my life.  Thank you and may God continue to bless you in helping other people.” and was power walking three to four days a week.  I just wanted to let you know I could not have done it without you!   I had a neurological/muscular weakness disease called MyastheniaGravis for five years.  Fortunately, I have been in remission for two years.  So naturally my muscles were very weak from years of little use.   You developed a program to strengthen my muscles and advised me how to exercise the correct way.  Through your expertise and wonderful encouragement, I feel "we" have achieved so much. 
- Lori

Jonathan lost over 20 lbs!
Here is what you get:
Training Manual (A $300 Value)
  • This is where you will start.  You will learn the "ins and outs" of the program and what to expect.  
  • Learn why many diets work, but it's about what fits your lifestyle. You will see what kind of nutrition program is the best for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. 
  • Get a solid grasp of how to progress at each and every workout.  It will be like I am there every step of the way.

  • As you know, a solid nutrition plan is the foundation of any fat loss program.  This nutrition guide will walk you through some very simple strategies that you can use to strip off fat while conserving muscle.
  • Learn how to eat and burn fat without having to count calorie after calorie.

  • For those of you that do enjoy counting calories (and some people do... that is OK!), you will learn how many calories to consume daily and even how to adjust accordingly because everyone is indeed different
  • How you can "cheat" on your diet on a regular basis and STILL get results... Yes, I even cheat to this day!
  • Grocery list - simply print off and take it with you to the grocery store
  • Step-by-step Meal Plan
  • I currently charge $100 for a meal program and template, so this truly is a $100 value
  • Learn how interval workouts that are 20 minutes or less can accelerate fat loss and be more effective than 90 minutes of boring, redundant cardio
  •  How to use interval training and workout "Closers" to burn off belly fat (most, unfortunately, get interval training wrong and making some adjustments can impact your weight loss efforts BIG TIME)
  • Learn when to apply interval training and when NOT to


  • It couldn't get any easier.  Simply print off the log and take the log with you.  It's that simple. 
  • Exercise order, sets, reps, etc., etc. is laid out for you and you will be able to plug in your progress so you know exactly what to go after in each and every workout.
  • These are the same logs I currently use with my clients
Exercise Library
  • You will get access to demos of all exercises in the program so you will know exactly how to do each and every exercise.
  • Detailed descriptions will tell you step-by-step of how to perform each exercise for maximum benefit 
  • Let's face it.  We're not all equal.  I once struggled to walk a lap around a track.  We all have to start somewhere.  And that's what inspired my Exercise Substitution List
  • Not comfortable with an exercise?  No problem, simply use this exercise substitution guide so that you can continue to get results

  • The more "complex" moves all have substitution exercises that you can simply plug in yourself to match your fitness level.

 Quick Reference Guide
A quick reference and check list so that you have everything you need to get started immediately.  
That's well over $400 in information that was once only for my 1-on-1 clients.  
And don't forget, you won't be going in "blind" into this program.  With videos and descriptions of all the exercises, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it!
That's over $400 of workouts and info (not even including the bonuses) that was once shared only with 1-on-1 clients. And for a limited time, you get access to it all for only
$400 $49

Nancy lost 32 lbs and over 24"!

Dear Mike,

From my teenage years through my early thirties I was the picture of health - -perfect weight, health, and eating habits.  I was very disciplined in my routine and that was one area of my life that I would never think of relinquishing.  There were many, many days I would get up at 4:00 am so I could workout for an hour or more before work, and then go back to the gym in the evening.  I played racquetball, sand volleyball, tennis, biked, hiked, ran races, lifted weights, and all other challenges that came my way.  You name it, I tried it.  The impetus for me was that I come from a family that has always been overweight and I was determined to not turn out that way. I faced a few tough years, personally, in my early to mid-thirties.  I started seeking God more and more and, as a result, grew in my faith exponentially.  God began speaking to me about the tremendous value I placed on outer appearances, and it wasn’t just with me but also in how I viewed others.  One of the things I really struggled with was why people allow themselves to become obese.  I couldn’t get my mind around this because I was always fit and trim.  Well, during this time of personal trials, I started to lose my zest for working out.  It became less and less important and more of a chore and burden.  Then my eating habits started slipping and, while I didn’t revert to eating all things fried and sugary sweet, I didn’t make as much effort to each balanced meals.  Too many carbohydrates and lack of physical activity were the biggest challenges.In April 2007 I decided I wasn’t going to buy the next clothing size up and was going to do something about the weight.  I joined Freedom Fitness, signed up for Weight Watchers online, and bought a new pair of sneakers.  I already had an iPod and heart rate monitor since this was on my wish list for Christmas the year prior.  Now that I had all the tools I felt I could make weight loss a success, and do it quickly.  By the time October rolled around all I had managed to do was lose and regain the same 5 pounds.  I found consistency and accountability to be formidable.  It was at that point that I realized what the weight loss battle was all about, mentally and physically.  I believe God brought me to this point so I could fully understand the challenges people face and to not be so condemning toward those with weight issues.With 50 pounds of my own to lose, and willpower feigning, I decided I needed the help of a personal trainer to regain the consistency and discipline I once had.  After reading your personal testimony and seeing the before and after photos, I knew you understood the challenges I was facing and how to get me back to where I once was physically.The first 6-8 weeks were grueling.  My muscles ached (in a good way) constantly because they hadn’t seen a weight room in a couple of years.  You know when and how hard to push people but you also know when to back off.  At the end of the first block of sessions, you proved to me that it’s not all about the number on the scale.  While I hadn’t lost any weight, I did lose several inches.I continued doing everything you asked – As we continued to pump it up into the New Year, the pounds started peeling off and I saw it on the scale and in the way my clothes fit (or should I say, didn’t fit).  Perhaps the most noticeable change though was my strength.  You would load some incredible amount of weight, and I would look at you like you had two heads, and then I would lift it.   I said, “There’s no way!  Now I know you’re crazy.”  And you said, “I have confidence in you.”  From that point on when you did something insane like that I would say, “I see this is another confidence building session.”  Needless to say, I learned to expect the unexpected.  I could always count on you to have a different routine every time or a new technique to try out.  I believe this is a key component of how I was able to see big results fast. Early February came around and I was going to the Florida Keys for a long weekend. Being the gym rat that you turned me into, I asked for a workout that I could do while I was away.  You were happy to oblige and provided a body strength routine and, in reviewing it with me, you reiterated your confidence that I could handle.  Well, in looking at the exercises on the printout I didn’t think it would be too difficult.  Little did I know but I was sore (a good kind) for 4 days!  It was challenging to say the least. As Spring rolled around I continued to see huge results in the pounds and inches lost.  Your unfailing encouragement and determination to get me through these times was awesome.  You were inquisitive about my eating habits and offered nutritional guidance.  You continued to change the routines we did, even it was a minor tweaking of sorts or a foot adjustment. When May came and our training times were nearing an end, we were both astonished at the progress I had made.  A total of 32 pounds and 24.25 inches torched!  I had to buy a new wardrobe – workout clothes and all.  As I tried on clothes I had to keep returning to the rack for a SMALLER size.  Much to my surprise I was back to my “normal” size.  My walking speed is what I used to jog.  I have phenomenal strength.  What a wonderful feeling!  These achievements couldn’t have been done without your help, literally.  I tried and failed several times before I reached out to you.  Initially, I chose to work with you because of your personal weight loss success and credentials.  The more we worked together I saw your genuine passion and talent for nutrition and fitness. Your enthusiasm for this profession and seeing people exceed their goals radiates from within.  Even today, when you see me in the gym you continue to encourage me and applaud the additional achievements I’ve made on my own.  Only someone that genuinely cares about the individual would do all that you do for your clients.  I’ve lost an additional 13 pounds on my own using the techniques I learned from you.  All of the people that surround me each day are inspired and in awe at how far I’ve come in such a short time.  I am now an inspiration to so many and pass along your wisdom as encouragement.

Many thanks,


Start Now, and in 12 Weeks, You Will Look AMAZING
I'm going to be honest with you and tell you this program is not for everybody. If you're looking for a program that tells you to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, than look elsewhere. You will have to commit to 3 days a week, but less than 50 minutes at each session. But with solid effort and consistency, you will be thrilled with the results. You can start the program within minutes! 
Working with numerous clients as well as myself, I designed this program for maximum results in minimum time, with a focus on consistency.  This is NOT a "lose 10 lbs in a week!" program.  This is a program designed to give you consistent, progressive results.  If you're looking for a "quick fix", this program is not for you.  But if you're looking for a program that you can stick to and get consistent results week after week, than this is the program for you.  I am 100% confident that if you stick to the program, you will be blown away by the results.

Grab your copy now!

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have a new reflection. Take action and start the program immediately. Get excited about your new reflection!
To Your Success!,
Mike Whitfield, author of "New Reflection Training"
P.S. Many of my clients have already gone through this type of program to get ready for that cruise, that summer trip, reunion, you name it. What are you waiting for?
P.P.S. This price and the bonuses are for a limited time. You better take action soon!
Real people, real results: These people used the principles in this program to jump-start their transformation journey.  Why not you?
"I had lost 66 lbs.  People tell me I look 10 years younger!" - Lori
"I can tell a difference in my body" - Kim 
"I had lost 30 lbs and went from a size 22 to a 14" - Lorrie
"I feel like doing things I was not able to do before.  I lost over 65 lbs" - Bob
"I can tell my body is changing.  Down another 7 lbs!" - John

"New Reflection Training"  is a series downloadable e-books. No physical
products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-books and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.  If you have any issues or questions regarding your order, please email
Is this program for men and women?
Yes, both men and women will benefit and lose fat on this program.  This program was designed for both men and women who didn't have all day to be in the gym but want to get consistent results.
Will I have to get a gym membership in order to participate in this program?
It will be beneficial to be a part of the gym, but it's not necessary.  This program uses basic equipment found at any gym, however if you have a home gym set up with DB's, you should be fine.  Don't forget that you can also get some resistance bands (to replace DB's) for this program at home!
When will I get my product?
Immediately! This is a downloadable product that you will have access to.  This saves you money because there are no shipping costs and no overhead.  This is why I am able to offer this program at such a great deal.
What if I'm too old?  Will this program work for me?
Absolutely.  First of all, there is no such thing as being too old to get in shape.  I have a client in her 60's than knock out burpees like there is no tomorrow.  But to match your fitness level, I incorporated an exercise substitution list. 
What if I feel I'm not in good enough shape for something like this?That's why I provided an exercise substitution list.  However, if you haven't lifted weights in a while, I strongly suggest you see a certified trainer for proper form.  
Is this price really all I pay?  Will I be charged again?
Yes, this really is the price and no, you will not be charged again.  I poured my heart and soul into this project for well over a year.  I truly appreciate my web-based clients, 1-on-1 clients, and boot campers.  They are the ones who really inspired me to put this project together. I simply wanted to offer more people a chance to finally win the fat loss battle because I know how they feel.  The price is just my way of saying, "thank you".
How much weight can I expect to lose?
It actually depends on you and your effort on both the workouts and your nutrition.  I've had clients lose a size or more every 3-4 weeks when they are truly dialed in and focused. This is not a "miracle program" because I don't believe in non-credible hype.  The people you see on my website worked very hard, and got consistent, progressive results using the principles in this program.  This 12-week program will jump-start your efforts.  Depending on your goals, you might be interested in web-coaching after you finish this program.
Seriously, how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll in a tootsie roll pop?
Hhmmmm, I don't know. Who cares, really?  Ohhhh, I see.  I wanted to fill in this space with something.  That's why.